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MDX Alumni

Our players go on to compete at the next level.


Eric Giron (Rockville) - Frostburg State University (NCAA D2)
Justin Long (Liberty) - McDaniel College (NCAA D3)
Sean Reilly (South Carroll) - Lander University (NCAA D2)
Cullen McKay (Urbana) - St. Mary's College of MD (NCAA D3)
Aidan Brown (Blake) - Moravian College (NCAA D3)
Brendan Hillis (Catoctin) - University of the Cumberlands (NAIA)
Steven Musser (Reservoir) - Susquehanna University (NCAA D3)
Jonas Clark (Watkins Mill) - Westminster (Pa.) College (NCAA D3)
Nick Geppi (Liberty) - Alvernia University (NCAA D3)
John Audet (Blair) - Chatham University (NCAA D3)
Jason Fritz (Clarksburg) - McDaniel College (NCAA D3)
Will McGrath (Northwood) - Wagner College (NCAA D1)
Jefferson Rice (Sherwood) - King's College (NCAA D3)
Nate Hayes (SJCP) - Cairn University (NCAA D3)
Mason Joy (Catoctin) - University of the Cumberlands (NAIA)
Garrett Evans (N. Hagerstown) - Lebanon Valley College (NCAA D3)
Mitchell Gearhart (Smithsburg) - Lebanon Valley College (NCAA D3)
Dylan Lavern (Linganore) - Wheeling University (NCAA D2)
Wave San-Miguel (Northwood) - Westminster College (NCAA D3)
Josh Boonshaft (Oakdale) - Adams State University (NCAA D2)


Erek Augustin (Paint Branch)-Frostburg State University (NCAA D2)
Matt Daniel (Century)-Shenandoah University (NCAA D3)
Aidan Dempsey (St. Johns)-Ohio Northern University (NCAA D3)
Wyatt Dicket (Century)- University of the Cumberlands (NAIA)
Kyle McFadden (Easton)-Alderson Broaddus University (NCAA D2)
Alexander Ellis (Century) -Lander University (NCAA D2)
Gage Frantz (Catoctin) -Wheeling University (NCAA D2)
Thomas Cameron (Blake) -Vasser College (NCAA D3)
Brady Crumbacker (Century)-Frostburg State University (NCAA D2)
Alex Hillis (Century)-McDaniel College (NCAA D3)
Sean Roberts (Paint Branch) -Milwaukee School of Engineering (NCAA D3)
Alex Kristian (Century) - Loyola College of Maryland (NCAA D1)
Cory Hamilton (Westsminster) -Ferrum College (NCAA D3)
Connor Sorrell (Poolesville)- Susquehanna University (NCAA D3)
Jason Forchetti (Tuscarora)- Shenandoah University (NCAA D3)
Luke McCullough (Damascus) -Frostburg State University (NCAA D2)
Jalen Inman (Poolesville) - Ferrum College (NCAA D3)


Donte Coleman (Coleman Academy) - Harford CC (NJCAA)
Ben Hamlett (Blake) - Harford CC (NJCAA)
Elijah Faunteroy (Kennedy) - Hampton University (NCAA D1)
Brett Kropinski (Century) - Franklin and Marshall University (NCAA D3)
James Petrolle (Damascus) - Grove City College (NCAA D3)
Xan Johnston (Stephen Decatur) - Lynn University (NCAA D2)
Thomas Murray (Queen Anne’s County) - Lynn University (NCAA D2)
Jason Heeley (Paint Branch) - McDaniel College (NCAA D3)
Nathan Jones (Clarksburg) - Ferrum College (NCAA D3)
Colby Keefe (Good Counsel) - Lynn University (NCAA D2)
Thomas Theyer (Wootton) - Randolph Macon College (NCAA D3)
Liam McNeil (Brattleboro Union) - Clarkson University (NCAA D3)
Jack Hennessey (Northwood) - Goucher College (NCAA D3)
Brendan Huey (Westminster) - Howard CC (NJCAA)
Julian Schemm (Century) - Goucher College (NCAA D3)
Jordan Schemm (Century) - Goucher College (NCAA D3)
Austin Brown (Damascus) - St. Mary’s College of Maryland (NCAA D3)
Khine Cho (Springbrook) - Goucher College (NCAA D3)
Jack DiBenedetto (Nichols School) - The University of Denver (NCAA D1)
Jalen Stanton (Century) - Lynn University (NCAA D2)
Kyle Ramos (Bethesda-CC) - Goucher College (NCAA D3)
Jake Rezash (Good Counsel) - Lynn University (NCAA D2)
Ethan Dallas (Suffield Academy) - Franklin Pierce University (NCAA D2)
Dom Ceresini (Middletown) - Frostburg State (NCAA D2)
Jack DeGonia (Sherwood) - RPI (NCAA D3)
Cole Kirchner (Good Counsel) - DeSales University (NCAA D3)
Jordan Wilkens (Paint Branch) - Goucher College (NCAA D3)
Garrett Anderson (Blair) - Oberlin College (NCAA D3)
Kenny Yeaher (Northwest) - Hampton University (NCAA D1)
Logan Paterson (Bethesda Chevy Chase) - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (NCAA D3)
Ryan Arrowood (Blake) - University of DC (NCAA D2)
Ben Voigt (Century) - Limestone College (NCAA D2)
James Nettleton (Northwood) - Hood College (NCAA D3)
Mason Sanderoff (Blake) - University of the Cumberlands (NAIA)


Felix Knorr (Howard) -Towson University (NCAA D1)
Donovan Lacey (Sherwood)-Sacred Heart University (NCAA D1)
Mathew Wilson (Oakdale)-St. Josephs University (NCAA D1)
JoJo Montesano (Damascus)-Howard CC (NJCAA)
Jackson Krasney (St. Maria Goretti)-Howard CC (NJCAA)
Nick Pekins (Hammond)-Howard CC (NJCAA)
Jake Saunders (Paint Branch)-McDaniel College (NCAA D3)
Luke Patterson (Northwest)-McDaniel College (NCAA D3)
Nick Michel (Seneca Valley)-McDaniel College (NCAA D3)
Kyle Mitchell (Good Counsel)-Ohio Wesleyan University (NCAA D3)
Brian Nothern (Good Counsel)-McDaniel College (NCAA D3)
Gabe Reyes (Rockville)-Keystone College (NCAA D3)
Francis Rose (Gaithersburg)-Delaware State University (NCAA D3)
Jeffrey Vo (Northwood)-UDC (NCAA D2)
Chip Bradsher (Gaithersburg) - Chatham (NCAA D3)
Nick Coyne (Middletown) - Lebanon Valley (NCAA D3)
Ethan Weaver (Blake) - Wilkes University (NCAA D3)
Mack Hildago (Kennedy) - UDC (NCAA D2)


Brandon Benitez (Catoctin)-Keiser University (NAIA)
Austin Nichols (Poolesville)-DePauw University (NCAA D3)
Peter Verity (Rockville)-Methodist University (NCAA D3)
Jake Morgan (Easton)-UCumberlands(NAIA)
Daniel Altomare (Middletown)-Norwich University(NCAA D3)
Joshua Agu (Blair)-Ohio Wesleyan (NCAA D3)
Josiah Belfon-Valentine (RM)-Hampton University (NCAA D1)
Sam Gravel (St. Andrews)-Goucher College (NCAA D3)
Peter Bogun (Northwest)-CCBC Essex (NJCAA)
Gio Barahona (Northwood)-Ohio Valley University (NCAA D2)
Corey Williams (Rockville)-McDaniel College NCAA D3)
Andrew Ceresini (Middletown)-Frederick CC (NJCAA)
Matt Morgan (Middletown)-Frederick CC (NJCAA)
Luke Van der Meulen (FSK)- Methodist University (NCAA D3)
Brandon White (Paint Branch)-McDaniel College (NCAA D3)
Nate Chapelle (Blair)- Saint Mary(KS) (NAIA)
Joshua Sequira (Northwood)-UDC (NCAA D2)
Keith Dorsey (Catoctin)-Tennessee Wesleyan University (NAIA)
Jadon Kirby (Long Reach)-Keystone College (NCAA D3)
Kyle Dale (Liberty) -Keiser University (NAIA)
Tommy Dawson (Watkins Mill)-Keiser University (NAIA)
Kyle Sinclair (Hammond)-Potomac State College (NJCAA)


Tregoning, Kevin (Paint Branch) – St. Vincent College (NCAA D3)
France, James (St John's DC)- St. Vincent College (NCAA D3)
Driver, Everett (Gaithersburg) - Hampton University (NCAA D1)
Heckler, Alex (Middletown) - Mercyhurst-NE (NJCAA)
Barbieto, Nick - Potomac State College (NJCAA)
Dykes, Cory (Kennedy) - Potomac State College (NJCAA)
Simpson, Shawn (Watkins Mill) - Howard CC (NJCAA)
Allan, Sean (Gaithersburg) - McDaniel College (NCAA D3)
Rosenberg, Ben - United States Coast Guard Academy (NCAA D3)
Myers, James - McDaniel College (NCAA D3)
Quinn, Cooper (Paint Branch) - St. Vincent College (NCAA D3)
Garrin Adolphe (Paint Branch) - University of District of Columbia (NCAA D2)
Sam Hunter - Guilford College (NCAA D3)
Leo, Chauncey (Paint Branch) - Howard CC (NJCAA)
Okafor, Kamto (Springbrook) - Howard CC (NJCAA)


McFadden, Kenny - Gwynedd Mercy College (NCAA D3)
Morgan, Brian (Easton) - University of Cumberlands (NAIA)
Quaye, Henry (Seneca Valley) - University of Cumberlands (NAIA)
Biagini, Anthony (Bethesda Chevy Chase) - Mitchell College (NCAA D3)
Delgadillo, Alec (Seneca Valley) - Lebanon Valley College (NCAA D3)
Lill, Bradley - Virginia Wesleyan College (NCAA D3)
Pruitt, Keith (Seneca Valley) - Saint Vincent College (NCAA D3)
Andrews, Lewis (Northwood) - Depauw University (NCAA D3)
Faison, Cameron - University of Tampa (NCAA D2)
Deoto, Nick (Seneca Valley) - Frederick CC (NJCAA)




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